“I completed the challenge last week and couldn’t be more satisfied with my results!! I met my goal and learned so much about myself along the way. I don’t want to stop and am choosing to stay in this awesome, empowering community of women!”

Alli W.

“Beautiful place with beautiful people helping each other physically and mentally! Carly is wonderful! Best yoga classes I’ve ever taken.”

Lynn S.

“This is one of my favorite yoga studios I’ve ever been to! I just completed the 42 day fitness challenge and it was incredible!! I lost 10.8 pounds it was an all around awesome experience. Carly and Cai are amazing instructors! The classes are small so they can work with you one on one if you are doing a pose incorrectly or need a modification. I highly recommend the 42 day challenge the results are great!!”

Holly M.

“I happened across Centered Yoga & Fitness’s Facebook page with information on the 42 Day Detox Challenge, and I decided to just jump in feet first. I cannot stress enough how incredibly happy I am that I did! I’ve always wanted to make changes to my lifestyle (i.e. healthier eating habits, building strength, and feeling better physically and mentally), and I’d tried many other things in the past, none of which ever helped me to reach my goals. But through this challenge, and with the help of the wonderful women at Centered Yoga & Fitness, I finally feel like I’m on the right path to reaching my goals and making healthier choices. I’d never done much yoga in the past, so my knowledge was pretty basic. But Carly, Cai, Prezley, and all of the other coaches/instructors helped me to build a solid foundation and understanding. I always felt that I could ask for help or guidance. And there’s classes for everybody, no matter your skill level! Beginners, those who are more advanced, bootcamp for those looking for a more high intensity workout. And any questions you may have, they are always available to provide you with answers, advice, tips, and support.

Aside from the classes, the challenge has helped me to better understand my body, how to make healthier food choices, creating healthier habits, and the classes have helped me to become stronger than ever. The difference I feel mentally and physically is the biggest accomplishment that came from the challenge, and that’s what matters the most. I’m so happy to have a place where I look forward to taking classes every week; somewhere I can work my butt off for 30 to 45 mins and feel a world of difference afterwards. Carly and everyone at Centered Yoga & Fitness have created a wonderfully inclusive, comfortable, and supportive community of women. I highly recommend Centered Yoga & Fitness and all it has to offer, whether you join as a challenge member or simply for the classes and community – you will not regret it!”

Lindsy F.

“I did the 42 day detox and it was AWESOME! I immediately signed up for the year long membership because I can’t really picture my weekly routine without this place! I feel so much better and stronger than I have in a long time. Carly and all of the instructors are so much fun and put you to WORK! You can tell Carly genuinely cares about each and every person who takes a class. It also helps that all of the other women who go here are just as awesome. 10/10 would recommend. Come join!”

Lauren M.
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