“The 42 day detox at Centered Yoga & Fitness is the first diet and exercise program I have done that is fun, easily accessible, and most importantly, sustainable. I have learned more about a clean diet in a way that is easy to apply to my everyday life. I have started a journey of gaining the strength I have been striving for for years. I am deepening my yoga practice, which is benefitting my mental health, as well as physical health. However, my favorite part of being a member at Centered Yoga & Fitness is the community of women. Carly and Cai are incredibly coaches and women. I would highly recommend this program to any woman interested in increasing your physical and mental health, and having fun with other women doing the same.”

Adriane P.

“Centered yoga and fitness is so so lovely. Love the feminine vibe and empowering culture.”

Bridget B.

“Carly simply has a way with her students. She has a way of making you feel important despite your ability level, shape or experience with yoga. She is so passionate about teaching and that energy seeps through into each of her classes. I am able to connect with my breath in her class and able to settle my monkey mind. It’s also always a freaking awesome workout. Carly is simply the best and I’m blessed to have her in my life as a teacher!”

Shannon D.

“Centered Yoga in Littleton is awesome. Their downtown Littleton studio is so cool and inviting. It’s a great yoga and fitness facility that has a lot of charm and an amazing atmosphere. I own a CrossFit gym and yoga at Centered Yoga & Fitness is perfect for our female athletes. It definitely is improving the strength, flexibility, and range of motion of our athletes. I can also see improvements in balance and body control, which is key for our weightlifting athletes. I would recommend it for any female athlete. They offer classes from morning to evening for all levels, including beginners. They also offer fitness classes, which is different than most yoga studios. I also love the vibe here. The people are great and you will feel comfortable right away. If you want a great yoga workout at a wonderful yoga studio in Littleton, Centered Yoga and fitness is definitely the place for you.”

Aaron Y.
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